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Color Calibration on 4 y/o Laptop

Hello Dell Community members,


I turn to you with a question on color-calibrating a Dell Inspiron 15 3452 from 2015.

I am a photographer using Adobe Lightroom and so far I've been using my Android phone to edit the photographs I needed from the app, but I was wondering if the process could be executed on a laptop if it got proper color calibration?

I've tried to use the Windows Settings calibrating the colors there (with highest performance and brightness available) but still the images on the phone look much, much more different than on the laptop. When I compare them with photos I edited on properly calibrated monitors, they looked identical to phone displayed images.

I'm also always on the move so cannot settle myself with a PC monitor. Is there any way to update this device, or is it time to start thinking about getting a new one? 


Thank you in advance!

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