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Computer uninstalls the hard drive


Drawing.pngI don't know where to start. Uhhh... so when I first got my computer I was messing around, getting games on Steam, and all that fun stuff and after about 3 months of using it; I was playing with friends and my computer started getting really slow and laggy so I did what most people do and restarted my computer. When it finished restarting (Which took a long time to load) it finally came up with the error shown in the image attached to this post. I tried everything I could to recover it but nothing worked, so I called Dell and sent it to be fixed for free under our warranty and continued like normal. After 2 more months it broke again with the same error (Note; each time it broke I was doing something different so it wasn't one file that was the issue) so I called Dell again and got it fixed and sent back. (With a replacement hard drive) After 1 month I got the same error message as always and did the same old process as always. The most recent time it broke (The 4th time) it only lasted 10 days before breaking, so I was fed up and decided not to call dell tech support due to the fact that it would just break again. I've done some research and I think it may be due to a Windows update issue that messes up the hard drive or something like that. If there is any help I can get to fix this issue permanently please let me know!

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Re: Computer uninstalls the hard drive

Hi GamingtarGmod,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies your system is not performing as expected.

Without the exact model of your computer, it's difficult to formulate an answer based for your specific case, so here is some general information from the Dell knowledge base you may find helpful:

Hard Drive Not Detected error on a Dell PC

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