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Connect to sens service

Man SadRobot Sad iv got a 1545 inspiron i put a password in ,i went to login its saying rong im unsure how reset ,so i tryed the guest account its gone so slow then i get "Windows could not connect to the sens service ? Its a 2nd laptop & im a beginer it didt come wiv the disk reset1 πŸ™ƒπŸ˜žπŸ™ƒdell avnt bin helpful as im on fixed income buying new i cudt do thank you

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Re: Connect to sens service

The reset disk is something that you have to create when you are in Windows. After you get back into Windows it would be a good idea to make one. Now you did not state which version of Windows you have. Hopefully it is Windows 7 and the links below should help. But it is a bit involved, so if it looks a little involved perhaps you have a friend or neighbor that is comfortable helping.

You could also simply clean install Windows which will wipe out everything including a password but also any data you might want to save.



And this link is a bit of information on the SENS (System Event Notification Service).


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