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Connection issues

So this has been happening for a few weeks now but it's getting worse. When my laptop is turned off everything else runs fine like phones, other laptops, the TV but the second I connect my laptop to the network the speed drops right away to almost not loading anything. Some days (like today) it will have wifi for 15 minutes every 4 or 5 hours and with that, it's very slow and loading badly and it causes this for all other devices too. The second I turn the wifi off on the laptop every other devices wifi goes back to normal and it works perfectly fine. I have done a restore to factory, reset everything I could and followed a few troubleshooting steps I've found online. Does anyone know 1. a fix or 2. the reason behind it/if I need to get a new laptop? Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Connection issues

Perhaps your laptop got infected with malware and is overwhelming your network with traffic.

Don't know.

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Re: Connection issues

Hi hgygt2,


Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.


Please post the model number of your computer so that we may give a more informed answer to your questions.


Here is information from the Dell knowledge base you may find helpful:

Connecting and Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues on Your Dell Computer

Network Connection Problems


If you still require assistance and the system is under warranty, you may contact me privately. Be sure to include your personal information (name, address, telephone, email) and your computer's service tag number in your message. Thanks.


If there is no warranty, then you could contact our Out of Warranty team to get a quote for a paid service request. 

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To help us troubleshoot, please send us the Dell service tag number via a private message
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