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Cooling Fan

I received this error  (2000-0511), validation code 69416.

My model is a Inspiron 5570.

Is there a fix for this (software / bios) or is this strickly a hardware problem?




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Re: Cooling Fan

Hi SaperSagar,

Go to this link & enter your information:


Let us know what that says. I suspect a hardware issue, but that will get us a better idea. Is the fan running to much or not at all?

Hope this helps.

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Re: Cooling Fan

Thank you for your message. Have you observed any heating issue with the system?


Make sure that the air vent is not obstructed.


Update the BIOS even if you have the latest version, check in BIOS to see if there is any thermal error reported. If the issue persists the fan may need a replacement.


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