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Cursor skips down the page

My wife and I just purchased brand new Dell laptops. They are Inspiron 1550’s running Windows 11. When I type comments on Facebook, as soon as I type the first letter, my cursor skips down the page. I then have to scroll back up to the comments box. Things are fine until I hit Back Space and the cursor skips a short ways down the page. Then it's scroll up again and the dog and pony show starts all over again.  The same thing happens to my wife. I know it is not because I’m resting my hand on the touchpad because I just tested it. Neither hand was even touching the laptop, all I did was reach over and press the back space button. This is extremely annoying. Any thoughts?  

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So far I have turned off the Touch Pad since I use a mouse in it's place. Problem persists. I turned the Touch Pad back on, disconnected my mouse, problem still persists.

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My next experiment will be to plug my wireless keyboard into my laptop and see what happens. 

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Mouse Issue

If the cursor is jumping around after working properly for ages, it could be a hardware error or mouse failure. Mice are cheap so buy or borrow another mouse, plug it into your computer, let Windows 10 detect the change and retest. If the cursor stops jumping, the issue is with your mouse.


Well i tried my wireless keyboard on my laptop. The keyboard works fine, but the cursor still skips down the page. 


This is a brand new, barely a month old laptop. The problem only presents itself when I try to reply to comments on Facebook as far as I can tell. I haven't seen the issue manifest itself anywhere else, either off or online. What happens is when I try to comment on Facebook, as soon as I type the first letter, about 10 spaces on the page. I then have to scroll back up to the comments and start typing. Everything is fine until I make a mistake and have to hit the back space key to correct it. Then the cursor skips down a few spaces or roll of the scroll wheel and start again. It's a pain in the neck.  

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