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DELL G7 17 - 7588 Keyboard (2018)

Looking for (hopefully) the most reasonable & straight forward method to select keyboard key-options.

I am curious/confused regarding various keys' plethora of pseudo-available, identified, alternate characters.

Many single keys display up to 5 different characters per key.

My logic suggests access/choice would be simple and straight forward. For example via tapping the "AltCar" key one or more times to permit scrolling through the options specific to each specific single key. Allowing the user to selectively use one of the key's (apparently) available characters.

Perhaps I am simply doing something wrong? None of my efforts result in anything expected (even beginning to occur). Not exactly life-threatening; but certainly I think access should be a default obvious feature. Especially considering the keys have clearly been designed to display alternate options available.


- I purchased my new DELL G7 recently in Canada through "BestBuy".

- I presume the keyboard is a Canadian multi-lingual variant as I see various keys including characters with:

- {E (accent grave)}, etc..

Keyboard Settings:

- Region & Language: Canada

- Language: English (Canada)

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