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DELL INSPIRON 5548 Backlight Bleed

Good day! I have noticed a glowing red light on my screen when I am viewing dark photos. At first, it was just on the upper left corner of my monitor but recently it was almost on the whole perimeter edge of my screen. I googled what was it and I came to realize from all the info I have read that it was backlight bleeding. 

I just have few questions regarding this issue

1. Will it get worse? Does it get bigger over time?

2. If no. Is there a way to eliminate it?

3. If yes, that means I have to replace my monitor, right? Since I have a touch screen unit at the moment, is it possible to replace it with a non-touch?

4. How much will it cost me to replace my screen?


Thank you so much!


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Re: DELL INSPIRON 5548 Backlight Bleed

If it's something that did not appear when the system was new, but is now, it's likely to continue getting worse.

The touchscreen is a complete assembly -- but to replace touch with non-touch, you'd have to replace the entire upper assembly (screen, bezel, hinges, back cover/antenna wiring, etc.).   It looks like the touchscreen itself runs about $120.


If you don't replace it yourself, add whatever shop labor costs in your area - likely one hour or so to the cost.


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Re: DELL INSPIRON 5548 Backlight Bleed


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