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DELL customer care is 90’s government office.

Dell has worst customer care nowadays.

I regret the day i placed the order for Dell inspiron on 24th july 2020 from dell official site.

It took 2 days for financial approval.

The expected delivery was 8 days after placing order. Then after a week, dell postponed my order. I tried reaching them on customer care number and it goes on waiting for 30 to 45 minutes and disconnects. I raised service request and no reply. Week after week they kept on postponing my order. I raised 3 service requests and no reply. Luckily i spoke once after 2 weeks delay and they gave the reason as parts shortage.

Why DELL then accepted order and approved finance ?? Finally on 24th August 2020 (after 4 delays and 6 service requests ) i was lucky again to speak dell customer care and canceled the order. They agreed to refund 100%  Now I am waiting for cancellation and refund status and yet no update. Genuinely in this fast paced world, how much time is required to simply cancel the order and refund ?? At least for the order which is still in initial confirmed state.

WORST customer care !! every time the call goes on waiting for 45 minutes, if u r lucky you will be able to speak, they don’t reply on mail, they don’t take any action on service requests. After paying approx 70k i was behind DELL all the time for updates, waiting 30+ mins on every call, raising service requests and finally waiting for refund.

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