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Dear Dell: Will ever Optimus be fixed? (15 7577 other laptops with Optimus)

Hello Dear Dell,

I bought your laptop today, Inspiron 15 7577. I'm happy and I understand, that's not your fault, but it frustrates when Intel and nVidia can't get in the same boat using Optimus technology. We all know workaround: use TrayPwrD3 program to force always use GTX GPU, or you will be get back in time even with NVMe SSD.

My question is simple: Does Dell, as manufacturer, knows about Optimus problem, when this solution switching like crazy between Intel and nVidia GPUs and stutters mouse, basically desktop becomes unusable? If not, provide TrayPwrD3 tools as solution to your customers in support pages. It's crazy. People have Optimus issues for the past six month and everything is the same.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Dear Dell: Will ever Optimus be fixed? (15 7577 other laptops with Optimus)

Hi Lixteris,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

At this time Dell is looking at the Optimus issues described in this post and others.  The official workaround is to download the latest drivers from Nvidia and Intel.  The reason TrayPwrD3 is not officially suggested by Dell is because it's a 3rd party tool and not supported by Nvidia or Intel.

Here is some is some information from other users of the Forum who have reported success:



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