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Dell 14-3467 Windows 10 1903 problems

I'm using Dell 14-3467 with lntel HD 620 version (4/18/2019) and 8GB of RAM. After upgrading to 1903 May 2019 update, it completely messed up my laptop. The texts don't appear in desktop apps or appear randomly (My PC PropertiesControl Panel, My PC), Chinese/Japanese characters are rendered as "squares". Edge Chromium browser shows like this because Chrome is unresponsive and frozen (I haven't tried Firefox though). Besides, the login process is taking longer than usual (sometimes I have to wait for over 5 mins). I tried asking on Microsoft forums but they don't give me satisfied answers, Reddit is also not helpful. I hope someone here can help me with this, or at least contact with the Microsoft team so they can fix this issue for the final update.

Currently I am using 1809 version, uninstalled 1903 so I'm not going to upgrade it.

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