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Dell 5515 dying after shutting lid hitting power button etc

Dell 5515  i think these machines have a problem and Dell doesn't want to say anything about it .My 5515 is close to warranty expiring and I'm getting zero help from Dell. I dealt with a guy online who by the way he typed and understood what I was saying was probably from India .Nothing wrong with being from India but people who do intercontinental service work may be able to speak English but a lot of them really don't know the nuances of English .I've got to give them credit because I'd be just as clueless about learning Indian . Problem is the e poor guy was just following instructions from his superior and basically they just gave me the runaround for three hours .Finally the guy said he'd send me a repair order and it's been nearly three days and no repair order .

So interestingly enough a Dell representative talked to me about my warrantee  and I told him about all this and asked him why I should give him a hundred dollars for warrantee extension if they can't give me any help now . The guy asked me if I wanted to buy and I said let me think and he promised to all me back on Friday. Since then my computer has died again . So I stripped all of my information off the hard drive and  reloaded a new operating system  with a clean installation .I was able to get the computer to work but it is still unstable .So I went into the system diagnostic and ran a complete diagnostic on the system . The diagnostic found no problems . I finished loading software on the computer to replicate my old setup and the machine seems a little slow although it is working and starting and stopping which i do cautiously . The last problem seemed to be a memory problem where the computer seemed to forget the wallpaper picture I chose for my opening screen . The icons were on the screen but the picture I chose  of a ship in a bottle was not there. What happened to my machine; I'm not sure but checking on the net for several hours tells me I'm not the only one with this problem. Having worked in the electronics industry several years in the past, I wonder if they had a bad run of parts that failed early .I really liked this machine and have had several Dell computers . I think six or seven to be exact . They all ran very well .The thing that bothers me is that I shouldn't have to do my own warrantee work on my own computer that I bought and faithfully paid for .

If the guy does call back and sells me a warrantee extension like he said he would ;I think I'm going to get it in writing that he replace my computer if it fails again . if not I guess I'm stuck .I will fix this computer eventually but if and when I do I'm going to have more money in the unit than it cost in parts and labor .This is going to leave an obviously sour taste in my mouth for Dell products . I've been working  with personal computers since 1978 and I've been around them long enough to know that they can be frustrating .I'm just amazed that Dell would have such shoddy service. 




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