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Dell 7530 video card problem

Dear fellow Dell fans,

This is my first post here so don't be harsh please.

I recently bought a Dell 7530 with the E-2186M Xeon Processor, the Quadro P3200 video card and 32 gb of RAM.

This device is a a somewhat desktop replacement for me and I've been doing my job fine on it in the field of Architecture (CAD software) and photo renderings.

However, I installed Lumion 9 and as far as I can see, it goes from 30 fps to 2 fps in a matter of minutes, then goes back up to 30 and so on. When I checked in the task manager, when it's on 2 fps, I have 0% usage on my Quadro and 100% on my integrated Intel UHD video adapter.

I disabled using the Intel UHD from NVidia Manager to no avail.


Any tips to a solution for this? Thanks.

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Re: Dell 7530 video card problem

The following post may lend some further information. It is for an XPS but the described problems are similar.

And this may even be more helpful.

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Re: Dell 7530 video card problem

I tried managing the usage of my video card manually in Nvidia Manager, I switched Lumion to ONLY use the Quadro. During work, I can have as many as 40-50 fps without breaking a sweat, and one second later it drops to 2-3 fps. At that point Lumion stops using the Quadro, and uses the Intel UHD instead. I can't seem to find a workaround for this. In the first link you sent, OP seems to be having a similar issue as I have. Unfortunately I couldn't find a fix and I'm honestly thinking of returning my laptop and will switch to another brand. I need consistency.
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