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Dell 7548 - Black Screen after BIOS Update

Dear all,


I've in our company a Dell 7548 Inspiron Notebook. In Windows the Dell Software notifies us that a BIOS Update is available and the software installs it. Now the the Notebook has a Black screen after powering on. The system seems to running but I don't get any screen. I asume the BIOS update was not successfully installed and now I want do recover it.


What I tried:

1. Removed AC Adapter and accu and proceed a power drain -> no success

2. I pressed F2 and/or F12 to go into the BIOS -> no success

3. I pressed "D"-Key and saw the display self test -> Self test seems to be ok -> Therefore I asume its no problem with the display 

4. I executed every step in this article (https://www.dell.com/support/article/de-de/sln300716/how-to-recover-the-bios-on-a-dell-computer-or-t...) but:

- The keys CTRL + ESX doesn't work

- I tried a USB FAT32 Boot Stick -> this doens't work


So what can I try to recover the BIOS of my laptop? 

I don't want to throw it in the trash because of an update installation that would not be necessary at all.


Kind regards




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Re: Dell 7548 - Black Screen after BIOS Update

Since your system pre-dates the Dell BIOS recovery feature (which was phased in with systems starting the generation after this one), you have two practical options:

1.  Replace the system board

2.  Find a shop that does board-level repairs and have the technician remove (unsolder) the BIOS chip, flash it in a EEPROM writer and resolder it.

The boards for this model run in the $250 range -- depending on what labor costs in your area, the second option might be slightly less expensive.


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