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Dell 7737 GPU Overheating

Following from other discussions on this topic...


I have a 7737 with Intel i7-4510U, BIOS A16 and Nvidia GeForce GT 750M 2GB under Windows 10, all fully updated at the time of writing.

Playing World of Tanks with minimum graphic quality and the GeForce not used (ie using only the Intel graphics processing), the game works fine and the CPU heats to around 67C and stays steady at that temperature.

If I do the same using the GeForce, the load on the GPU is never close to 100% but the GPU Core temperature climbs in a few minutes to the high nineties, 97C or 98C, and the CPU heats to the same temperature. There is no noticeable improvement in game performance or appearance gained from using the graphics card.

I am puzzled that the GeForce is overheating so badly and so quickly handling that same task that the Intel graphics processor handles well. Any ideas why, and what can be done to get the GeForce working?



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