Dell BIOS no Windows Boot Manager only Ubuntu

Hello everyone,

(Before i say anything, my computer is a Dell Inspiron 7447)

The other day I got a Samsung 500GB SSD because my hard drive was already quite slow. (Keep in mind, this isn’t the hard drive that came with my computer. The hard drove that came with my computer died after a year and I put in a new one, after the new one I put in a SSD)

In preparation for this, I removed my dual boot of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with success. After removing it, my computer would boot straight into Windows. So I began the process of migrating and cloning all my data to the SSD. Once it was complete, I put in my new SSD. Once the SSD was in, there were no issues booting, it just went straight into Windows and I went on with my night. Once I went to bed, I hibernated my laptop (like I usually do (I shutdown my computer once every 1-2 weeks)).

Once I turned on my computer today, I received the following message upon boot-up. (I apologise if any pictures are upside down or whatever, I took these with my phone and am posting these with my phone)A6802553-B2D2-4612-90BD-1D2187D989A2.jpeg

“Internal hard disk not found. To resolve this issue, try to reseat the drive”

So, I followed what it said. I repeated the hard drive by unplugging it from its SATA cable and connecting it again. Once I did that, this error continued. I did it a few more times with still no success. I decided to get my old hard drive and plug it in but it still didn’t work. I went into the BIOS Setup and it strangely enough detected the hard drive.ECB12A1B-2EC4-47AA-A975-19018FADBBAF.jpeg

So I decided to go into the boot options to see if I could boot into the Windows Boot Manager (which I was able to do yesterday as my  computer booted straight into Windows) and saw this.A0EBDA58-F834-447F-B673-FCF93BB671F6.jpeg

Ubuntu is still there and Windows Boot Manager is gone. Would I need to try and add the hard drive or Windows Boot Manager and how or is there some other solution? Can someone help me please?

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