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Dell D3100 Stopped Working

I've been using Dell D3100 docking station with my Alienware R3 and Dell 5520 laptops for over a year now but a couple of weeks ago the dock completely died on me. It seems to be powering up and i can detect USB however its not sending any signals to my monitors. I've went through all community pages and tried all updates and upgrades but no luck. Also after seeing so many posts from people struggling with this product, i am surprised that Dell is still selling it to customers. 

To add to my frustration, I've been trying to get Dell tech support email address but all i get is a phone number which is inconvenient for me.

It seems that Dell is in the business of pushing out under developed products out in the market and then rely on user feedback to fix them which in my opinion is a dodgy way of doing business. The reason they've managed to get away with this is because of all the corporate agreements they have with governments and big tech businesses. In last 4 months, I've had a motherboard replaced on my 5520, complete replacement of my docking station at work (TB16) and now I am struggling with my personal dock D3100. This is unacceptable.

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