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Dell G15 5515 ram upgrade

Hi recently I have purchased Dell G15 5515 ryzen 5 edition laptop i just want to know that how much it would cost me if I take it to dell service center for upgrading ram and another thing that I want to know is if i purchase ram from outside will they install it in laptop?

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As I wrote above, you will need to contact the shop in question -- and no, memory upgrades do not affect the warranty one way or the other.

For a simple memory upgrade, you may pay a bit more from a shop than online, but they'll usually do the installation without added cost.


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Hi 7 Thorium, I want to make it clear that my warranty is not ended so plzz tell me how much they charge and if i prefer outside shops wil it end my warranty ?

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Dell does not do post-warranty upgrades, but if you're just buying RAM, most local computer shops will install RAM you buy from the shop without charge.

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