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Dell G3 17 - adding backlit keyboard?

Anyone know if it's possible to add a backlit keyboard to a Dell G3 that didn't originally come with that option?

Do all the G3 17's have the power connector for the backlit keyboard?     Thanks

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Re: Dell G3 17 - adding backlit keyboard?

You should be able to add a backlit keyboard to the computer. For backlit keyboards contact Dell Spare Parts at 1-877-717-3355 or click the link below.
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Re: Dell G3 17 - adding backlit keyboard?

Look closely at the Service Manual for removing the keyboard on the Dell G3 17 (3779) - page 69.  Last step in procedure is "After performing the above steps, we are left with the palm rest and keyboard assembly".  A picture of the underside of the palm rest is shown with keyboard still attached to it.  Full stop.  There seem to be no screws to attach/remove the keyboard. 

Keyboard appears to be plastic-rivet bonded to the palm rest.  I would love to be wrong about this. 

I also would like to change the keyboard (the blue on black contrast is horrible, making lettering hard to read - would much prefer white on black and with white back-lighting).

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