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Dell G3 3579 - HDD to SSD problems


Recently I've tried to replace classical HDD with an SSD. I have a Crucial SSD 512GB which I used in other notebook without any issues. I installed new Windows using a recovery USB drive created with Dell Recovery Utility. I installed the drive successfully and installed the Windows. I've setted up the Intel Rapid Storage (my model has 16GB Optane Drive) and rebooted. Since then there were only BSOD just before Windows started to load. I've tried reinstalling windows several times, but I got errors like "no bootable drive". I suspected that the M.2 Optane drive could be at fault, but when I disabled it in BIOS, it was the same. I got another USB drive with clean installation of Win10 directly from Microsoft. I installed it okay, but I saw desktop only like 15 minutes and it got in a BSOD loop again. After that I replaced the SSD with original HDD and it's working fine since. And the SSD is working fine in another computer.

Only thing I can imagine what could be wrong is the power draw. Crucial SDD has power consumption at 5V 1.7A and the HDD has 5V 1.5A. But this difference seems to be really small (it's 1W). But I was surprised that the power and data for the drives goes through very small ribbon cable.

If the problem is compatibility, can you tell me what SSD should be compatible?


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Re: Dell G3 3579 - HDD to SSD problems

Did you happen to write down the error number of the BSOD? And which model of Crucial SSD did you install? And instead of disabling the Optane drive have you tried again with the Optane drive actually removed from the system? If you have SecureBoot enabled in the BIOS, have you tried disabling it?

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