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Dell G3 3590 Freezes when booted to Desktop

Hey everyone, I have a Dell G3 3590 and it freezes and glitches when it boots to desktop. I tried reinstalling Windows but each time it becomes worse. I reinstalled windows and it won't even finish the installation. It gives error message "windows cannot complete installation on this laptop". Tried different versions of Windows installation and same result. I used a different hard drive with windows 10 on it. The laptop booted and it started glitching and freezing a few seconds later. Though I noticed under device management that the graphics drivers are listed as faulty. Does anyone have a solution to this issue? Any help would be much appreciated.

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If the system has the latest Dell / Microsoft drivers and freezing still occurring...

Run System File Checker and DISM commands to fix any corrupted system files that could be causing problems such as freezing. It's also known to fix memory issues.You could do this by following the steps in the link below. First run the DISM command and then System File Checker.

Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files


Thanks, will try this then get back to you with the results.


I tried the above process but still does the same thing, now it can't even allow me install windows. Maybe the graphics chip is failing but thanks though.

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