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Dell G5 5587 Randomly Deselecting windows

I'm having an issue with my Dell G5 5587 (Windows 10) laptop, where active windows will, at random, become inactive (as in deselected, or the border going white). This sudden inactivity means that the window will no longer receive input until I click on it to re-select it. This is extremely frustrating when playing games, because time and time again, the window will become inactive and I will suddenly lose all control of the game. And it has been happening more and more often lately, and has turned from frustrating to infuriating. I would really like some help with this, it shouldn't be so aggravating to play games on a gaming laptop. Thank you. 🙂 

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Re: Dell G5 5587 Randomly Deselecting windows


Some resent WIN update interfering?

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