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Dell G5 5587 dead after BIOS factory reset

Hi, can someone please help me? I have a Dell G5 5587 and I installed a new SSD and when I tried to reboot it didn't worked so I did the "factory reset" thing on the BIOS and now when I turn on my laptop it restarts immediately after the keyboard lights up. And if I hold CTRL + ESC and connect the power, the light DOES NOT up three times yellow and three times white (so what does it means?) Can you explain more in details the potential solution with the BIOS_IMG.rcv thing? I downloaded the file on an other computer but now I don't know what to do.

Please someone help me!! I just had my computer as a gift for my 15h birthday one month ago. My mom will be mad at me and I wanna cry :'( I don't want my laptop to be already dead :'(((( Sorry for my english, I'm french

Thank you in advance !!!

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Re: Dell G5 5587 dead after BIOS factory reset

The system is under warranty so if this does not help call Dell tech support for your region and they can help you out. The following support pages should help explain reset procedures. The light pattern means that a BIOS recovery image is not found. Now since you installed an SSD, you obviously know how to open up the system. Remove the CMOS (coin cell on the motherboard) battery and leave it out of the system for 15 minutes (Intel recommends 30). If that does not help then call tech support. I would suggest putting the original HDD back in the system as they need it back to the factory configuration.

And your english is just fine.


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