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Dell G5 5587 keyboard backlight

New Dell G5 5587 Windows 10

I want my keyboard backlight to stop timing out. No option in Windows Mobility Setting to adjust light. Attempted to install DFEP. Was unable to install, required Framewrok 4.0. Installed that, informed newer version already installed. 

How do I adjust the backlight for on/off, no timeout?

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@NateTheGreat7 wrote:

I have the G7 series and I was just able to change the keyboard illumination settings in the system BIOS.  When you restart your computer, hit F2 when you see the Dell logo and it will go into the BIOS setup.  Navigate through the options on the left side until you see Keyboard Illumination.  I had the option to change it to stay on forever.  They have options for both AC and battery.  Hope this helps!

This worked for me!

I like having the keyboard always lit up

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I had the same issue on my G15 5515.

After reading this thread (even thou it's old) I was able to find the settings in the BIOS (Pressing F2). In there I could find options for AC and Battery and about 8 different timing-out periods.

My 10 year old Lenovo has a combination of keys that go: "OFF, DIM, BRIGHT". My Dell does have in the F5 a key that allows to switch from Dim to Bright but not to avoid the keyboard to time out.

It's simply a sad overlook.

Reset or power off your pc—boot into Bios. Turn on your pc. Press F2 or F12 depending on the model. It would help if you booted into Bios before widows. Get into Bios, search for Keyboard Light. Adjust the settings to NEVER or completely off, so the Keyboard lights stay on indefinitely. Update in bios. Restart pc and glow light keyboard on forever.  

I did what the dude said to go to bias find your keyboard light setting and turn it off so it stays on. good advice 100% doable.

I have G5 15 laptop. My Backlight of keyboard doesn't light up after pressing any key or mouse movement like it was used to do. I can start by pressing FN+F10, but that stays on permanently. How can I fix that?

That would be nice; however, I only get these options:



Any idea for how I, and others, can get more options like on your laptop?

Just started using my brand new Dell G5 only to find, like many others, issues with the keyboard backlight. In my case it is simply just not working at all.

I've tried all the updates, bios settings, additional Dell utilities, Mobility Centre... EVERYTHING! but nothing works which means this could only be a hardware issue straight OOTB. 

What worries me is that several friends and colleagues of mine using a varied range of Dell laptops are reporting issues with backlight on their keyboards. 

Can Dell just not make proper backlit keyboards?

This worked perfectly. Thanks!

This is the only thing I have found to work.  I type in Windows Mobility Center in my search bar.  Go to the bottom left and click on the Keyboard icon and the window comes up to give you the option to keep it on for up to 15 minutes or "Never Off".  I chose 15 minutes.  Hope this helps!



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I was able to solve this by changing the settings in BIOS. There are 3 different sections available -

Backlit KB Brightness - You can set it to Bright

Backlight timeout on A/C - You can set it to quite a few options ranging from 5 seconds (default) to Never

Backlight timeout on battery - similar as above

I set both to 1 minute and it works just fine.

Hope this helps.

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