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Dell G5 SE 5505 Realtek Driver Update Issue.

The new update of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (version: 6.0.9049.1, A03) is not yet compatible with Dell G5 SE 5505

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Hi, My bios version is 1.4.4 which is the latest version for my laptop right now. And yeah I always keep my windows up to date. 

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I also have this issue, except rolling back the driver does not fix the problem.

Try downloading and installing the previous version from the dell website



I have replied to you via private note.



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I had the exact same issue, the workaround is rolling back Realtek drivers from 6.09 to 6.08 to fix the issue.

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Rolling back the driver worked, thanks you!

I'm still having issues with random 5-10 second mouse freezes, not sure if anyone else is experiencing this as of April 2021.  I like this laptop but I've had to mess around with drivers since buying it a week ago and if I was less computer literate I'd have returned it. 

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how do I revert back to the previous versions of these 



you can use Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) to rollback the Realtek(R) Audio driver on the Driver tab from the Sound, video and game controllers section.  there's a button that says "Roll Back Driver" - click on that if it is available.

otherwise, you will have to uninstall the existing version, then download & install an older version from the Dell support site.

I want to confirm that as of 26 Mar 2021 this is still an issue.  And this solution is still the only thing that works.

This also has implications for games and video not playing as well.

Before rolling back the realtek audio driver I could NOT load games (Fallout 4 or 76) without it freezing after the intro unless I was using my bluetooth headphones.  Once I disconnected bluetooth or switched to the realtek speakers the game instantly crashed. Same goes for something as simple as watching youtube.

try it: watch you tube with bluetooth headphones (it should be fine) turn off bluetooth or switch to the internal speakers and the youtube video will instantly have loading problems and stop playing.

Only solution was as recommended by the other contributors here, download and install the previous realtek audio driver.

Even tried updating BIOS (again), downloading the AMD firmware update, and AMD software (adrenaline) from the Dell drivers updates.  Nothing but reverting to the older realtek worked to get my back gaming and watching videos without using an external audio device.

April 11, 2021, still an issue. Headphones work, speakers do not. I haven't tried the reverting solution given yet but I don't see why it shouldn't work.  


edit: one rollback and restart later, sound works good as new. tip to anyone coming from the future:

You're targeting the driver under "Sound, video and game controllers" -> "Realtek(R) Audio" -> "Properties".

You may have to scroll down.

Skip the driver under "Audio inputs and outputs" -> "Speakers (Realtek(R) Audio)"



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