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Dell G5 SE 5505 Realtek Driver Update Issue.

The new update of Realtek High Definition Audio Driver (version: 6.0.9049.1, A03) is not yet compatible with Dell G5 SE 5505

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also after doing a driver rollback, use this Microsoft tool (wushowhide.diagcab) to hide/block any driver updates the Windows 10 OS offers.

I thought sound problem was on me.

I troubleshooted it in sound settings did nothing after restarting my laptop.

I then followed this and I can finally hear from it again. 

Seriously thank you.

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I'm expecting a new one of these laptops to be mine in a few days - has the issue now been resolved with even newer drivers (or will I still need to be careful to not update this driver)?

(Edited my original post seeking clarification from the original poster as I see there is an explanation further on in the thread).

Perhaps Mr/Ms Dell Moderator, you will be kind enough to keep this thread updated when an even newer driver comes along that doesn't pose this problem (if you weren't already planning to do so). PS well done for taking an active interest to help in getting this resolved!

I just found my G5 had this speaker problem this evening.  I verified all my drivers were up-to-date.  I tried rolling the Realtek driver back to 6.0.8940.1 and it solved the problem!  So the issue is still present.

I have been having this problem since we started using our new G5 SE in March 2021. Solved it once early on and then somehow it updated again recently only to cause problems again. In March is just caused no audio, but this time it was causing video to glitch and freeze (my regular video apps would not work properly). Rolled back the driver version and everything seems to be functioning right again. Every time I run support assist it's recommending this Driver update. Dell, can you please remove this as a recommended update for this system or figure out what the problem is? 

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I had the same problem and rolled back the driver in device manager.Worked like a charm

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headphone only work after laptop restarted.

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