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Dell G7 SSD upgrade.

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So I filled up the 256gb on my G7 pretty quickly. I'm looking to add an SSD to the empty 2.5inch bay in my laptop and was wondering if the community had any suggestions or things to look out for when adding an SSD. I'm a college student and between the software and games I've downloaded, I'm finding that I need more space. My budget is about $50. Thanks in advanced.

As a side note, I've been looking at these SSDs, what do you guys think?

Lastly, I've heard of issues particular to this laptop when installing SSDs. Is it not as easy as mounting it, connecting the SATA cable, booting up from my 1st SSD and continuing with work?

This is the exact laptop that I have in case it matters.


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Re: Dell G7 SSD upgrade.

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The following forum post will help. The SSD should be a pretty easy install. And the drives you listed are all very similar in design, speed, and warranty.


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