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Dell G7 WiFi Speed Very Slow

I've bought the G7 7588 this past Saturday. Made a clean install, so no bloatware, and updated the drivers via SupportAssist and Intel...

But, my WiFi connection? Absolutely horrendous. I live out in the sticks, so my internet isn't the greatest (average 2 down on a good day), so the connection is EXTRA **bleep**. I can't even download 1mb sized files. I can't update Windows to the current build.

I've done the following

Unchecked the option in the Power Management Tab
Battery Saver
Uninstalling/Reinstalling Drivers
Checked for SmartByte (it's not there or in services afaik)

My other laptop, phone, and tablet can connect to the wifi just fine, but... just not the G7. I have a feeling it's something simple, and I have looked around but I haven't found the solution for me. I'm at my wits end

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Re: Dell G7 WiFi Speed Very Slow

This is issues with this laptop network card built on board made by Killer Networks. Try going to their website and download the drivers and install. Mine is intermittent upload speeds of .0# and my GB download of 900+Mbps. They replaced the motherboard and now video is worse. We basically bought a POS machine. If you still have the option of taking it back to where you bought it do so before it's too late. Dell support **bleep** badly. They tend to go through a scripted role on testing that takes hours. Done it to me twice. Never a Dell again. 


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Re: Dell G7 WiFi Speed Very Slow

I had the same problem, i applied all the last driver(Win 10 1803 included) but the problem persist.


Finally, I have to make a reset of the Win10 (There is an option for that included in the OS), and the problem is solved! And then, i'm not updating any driver jeje

I hope that works for you.


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