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Dell Inspiron 15 2-1 5578 Active Stylus Purchase BEWARE

I bought a Dell Inspiron 15" 2-1 5578 Laptop for myself for Christmas this year.  I was so excited because it turns into a tablet AND it is touch screen.  I also thought that I could use a Active stylus with this model.  There is so much you can do with a stylus ( or would be able to do if it worked) that I thought it would be worth the $ to buy the computer to begin with.  I went to the DELL.com website before I spent the money on the laptop and stylus sold separately and looked to see which active stylus would work with the 5578 and the dell website said the pn338m works with the 2-1 5578. so i purchased the laptop then I purchased the dell active pen pn338M.  I try to use the pen for the first time today and it did absolutely nothing.  The generic stylus i bought actually worked half the time but not well enough to actually depend on.  I am very upset that I bought this 5578 let alone the $35 pen to go with it and it doesn't work as advertised.  the more research I do now I see that only a small amount of the 5578's work with a pen.  Dell should be ashamed.  Dell actually leads you to believe that the 5578 works w the active pen pn338m.  I would have purchased the Surface pro if they would have been clearer (more honest).  Thank god I'm a techie and have the IPAD Pro 12.9" so that I can use a pen with.  I will probably never buy a DELL again bc of this situation and I will surely tell other people to buy something different.  

Tell me community:  is there a pen that will work with this version of my Inspiron 15" 2-1 5578?

I did purchase a generic Stylus with a fine point and it only picks up about half the letters while i'm trying to write.  Is there a way to calibrate the stylus to work better?  Tell me, why so they wrave about Windows ink and all the great things it can do if they aren't going to make it work well with these touchscreen laptops.  Anyway, any info (besides the obvious, that it doesn't work) would be appreciated.  Thanks!!!!  GO APPLE PRODUCTS!!!

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Re: Dell Inspiron 15 2-1 5578 Active Stylus Purchase BEWARE



After reading your post and finding several other disappointing reviews, I had to search around and do my own research. And it was a little discouraging as Dell was trying to convince me that my laptop should be compatible, even though it did not have the pen on the sticker. I tried to explain that the About me section clearly stated touch support with 10 touch points. So after getting off the chat with Dell because I did not want to chance the online buy as many reviewers had already shared their disgust, I went to Best Buy with my laptop . And sure enough the Bamboo and other active styluses that worked for Microsoft Surface and any other 2-in-1 was not being recognized on my touch screen. 

So I had planned on upgraded my Dell but decided to go to Walmart, as I had thought about it earlier. And luckily I came across the Blackweb Rechargeable Active Stylus and it works! For only $22.44 +tax it is definitely worth the buy, if you ended buying the "Old" Dell Inspiron 15 2-1 5578. 

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