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Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Gaming: Mic and Webcam Malfunction

I want to go over a few things and step's I've done.

♦ The latop's Webcam and Mic are functioning and working pieces of hardware, Windows Device manager recognizes these device's.

►1. I have attempted to use the embedded device's in an application such as Discoord or Skype, When I discovered they're weren't working, I attempted to Windows Configurations over the sound settings and attempted to check the box where it would playback input from the hardware and nothing was responding in terms of the mic.

►2. I thought it was the hardware, so I got a headset with a mic in-lined on the jack and plugged it in; I ran into the same problem again. I then decided to try a webcam, a USB device with a mic built in that could work with the basic driver's window's provides. The problem persists, on all USB inputs as well.

►3. Ruling out hardware malfunctioning, I came to the conclusion it was something installed that was blocking these abilities already or a bad driver. I went through Dell's Driver's over their support page, located the proper Realtek driver's from my model, removed the older drivers and installed the new ones; the problem persisted.

►4. I decided to check out the forums and tried to look-up my model; not a lot of people have posted about this model which lead's to the creation of this topic. Referencing other models with similar-ish issues, I concluded that SmartByte and Maxx Audio Pro we're causing a lot of problems already with multiple user's. I uninstalled Smartbyte, and tried the steps on testing the mic again listed in step one above. The mic start's playing back my voice and the webcam on Discoord among other applications start's working. However, the software such as Discoord and Skype are not picking up on the hardware at all. Not even Windows Sound settings unless I enable the ability for the mic to playback input from the device that it pick's up my voice.

►5. Now the cornerstone of my problem. After a restart, the webcam stop's working in the programs, but I can still get a MIC input from the test's back in step 1 above. I've come to the conclusion it could (or probably is by this point) be the Waves Maxx Audio Pro responsible for the rest of the software blocks and my audio issues. I would uninstall it, but there is no software in the Window's Listing for uninstalling or managing the program. There is no Windows Process on this program and this model of the laptop did not come with Dell's Audio Manager so I can't simply shut it off.

♦ So now I'm at the crux of my problem, I don't know how to remove this software nor do I know if removing it will fix the issue's. Re-using the hardware such as the USB cam and the Audio Jack after all these steps so far don't work. A little insight on what I can attempt next would be helpful.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 15 7577 Gaming: Mic and Webcam Malfunction

Waves Max Audio is actually part of the Dell Realtek drivers. There is no way to uninstall that without uninstalling the Realtek audio drivers. Try the following forum page as it has more information and work arounds.



But the following advice from that page seems to have worked

You can disable the Waves driver by:

  • Open Device Manager
  • Go to Sound, video and game controllers
  • Find Realtek Audio
  • Right-click, then click update driver.
  • Select "Browse my computer for driver software"
  • Click on "Let me pick from a list..."
  • Find the device "High Definition Audio Device"

It should switch to the default Realtek drivers. On reboot the waves driver will be gone, along with the prompts. 

Headphone audio should be improved but speaker volume may appear lower due to the lack of compression.

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