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Dell Inspiron 1564 does not turn on

My laptop is not turning on though the 3 indicator light is blinking as it is turned on.. Screen is black and no sign of light, I tried to connect it to a pc monitor via hdmi to check if the problem is the Lcd but still the same it did not show any sign of light on the screen. Can someone help me with my concern.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 1564 does not turn on

The third light on this model is Battery indicator light — system is not charging when charger is connected, there should be solid white light when u connect the charger, unable to turn on means there is a hardware failure, try hard reset, unplug the charger, remove the battery if you can, press n hold the power button for 30 sec without charger n battery and then try starting the system only with charger connected, then try starting the system with only battery connected. If the system still does not turn on then it seems like motherboard failure, contact Dell technical support.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 1564 does not turn on

Hold the D key through powerup - can you get a screen self-test to run?