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Dell Inspiron 15R 5010 cpu P6100

Hello everyone !

In the topic laptop during startup, initially Dell logo appears (photo1) and then windows (win 10) failed to start (photo 2).

The strange is that the one the screen appear several exclamation marks (!) in several places in the screen.

While booting a live e2b usb, there is a screen like picture 3

Notice: Commencing several reboots, sometimes HDD (Seagate ST9750520AS) is not  seen, but moving HDD to another machine, Hard Disk Sentinel show disk has health / performance 100%.

Any replies or ideas of what the issue is, would be highly appreciated.









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Re: Dell Inspiron 15R 5010 cpu P6100

Looks like a dying GPU is the prime suspect. 

Run a screen self-test (hold D through powerup).  You should not see the same problem -- if that's the case (as it likely will be), the mainboard would need replacement.  And that's a questionable idea on an older budget system like this one - you may be better off considering a replacement system rather than a repair that will cost more than this system is worth.


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Re: Dell Inspiron 15R 5010 cpu P6100

Dear ejn63, what you Your expectation was not correct !  After procedure (Power on + D), exclamations were there !.  What are the possibilities ?



I made a clean install of windows 7 home premium.

Installed all drivers except VGA and system worked.

But after installing VGA drivers... BSOD.

Of course I know it is not worthy for spending money for reballing or buying new motherboard. It would cost almost the same as a refurbished Latitude of a newer generation.

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