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Dell Inspiron 5567 Touchpad Problems

Hi Folks

My Inspiron 5567 touchpad has recently been giving lots of problems, and before I look for professional help / replacement touchpad I wanted to ask for help.


The issues with the touchpad is that sensitivity for one:

So if i want to click on a file or folder etc sometimes just a light click is all thats required, then othertime it wont responds without a very hard tap, nearly bashing it! This is for all uses.


Also, the area of the touchpad which works seems to change:

For example to left click on something, sometimes it will do this by clicking anywhere on the lft hand side of the touch pad, other times it'll only work at gthe very bottom left. The same for right clicking the actions are very random.

I did see avideo on youtube explaining how to switch off the gestures, adjust touchpad pressure, and also how to check for driver updates but:

Although my laptop isn't that old less than 2yrs, I canlt locate the options for touchpad pressure, mine seems to have only the facilty to turn off gestures.

Also when i got to the mouse setting, the update driver button is greyed out.

I'm about to buy an external mouse, wireless mouse as its driving me nuts.

Any ideas or suggestions?





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Re: Dell Inspiron 5567 Touchpad Problems

I got the same problem not sure it can helps. But what i do is :

1. I delete the existing driver of touchpad on the device manager 

2. Supposely after you restart the laptop windows will automatically use the generic touchpad driver install from windows. 

And its been working fine since then. I got this from other forum also. And it helps me solve my problem. Make sure you have a usb mouse on standby incase this doesnt work you may have to re download the old driver for the touchpad 

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