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Dell Inspiron 5570: Possible USB Driver issue?

Hello guys!

Quick context: so I'm a DJ, and I have been using my Dell Inspiron 5570 laptop to DJ since February.

I've been having this issue where about every 10 minutes or so, the software that I use freezes because it seems to lose connection with my laptop. I've tried reinstalling the drivers for my DJ controller (in case you're interested it is a DDJ-SR2) from the manufacturer's website (Pioneer DJ) multiple times and it still didn't work. Could this be a possible USB driver issue? I tried using the controller on a different laptop and they work fine, but mine doesn't. Could it be an issue within WIndows or the laptop itself? Would gladly appreciate any help that comes my way. Thanks!

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Re: Dell Inspiron 5570: Possible USB Driver issue?

This sounds to me like a windows problem with your Pioneer software, they upgrade from 1809 to 1903 has caused a few issues and this could be the problem. You would work with  Pioneer for a upgraded driver.

I'm sure you have tried all the different ports on your notebook?

Also, you could try a quality USB Powered Hub, It's possible your not continuously supplying enough power to your USB ports I use an Atolla USB 3.0 7 port works great for me

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