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Dell Inspiron 5593 keyboard keys intermittently working (SPACE, LEFT, RIGHT)

Anyone has any suggestions for fixing a Dell keyboard with keys intermittently working? My darn laptop is spanking new only 4 months old and it's already showing issues with mostly the space bar and the arrow keys, which I use a lot for editing and some minor gaming. Dell solution is to send them the laptop for repair and wait about a week or more to get it back, obviously removing everything I have on it. Especially now that I am working form home, this is not a good solution for me. I had tried a couple things, but nothing fixes it. Any ideas on what to try?

Now for the rant... I'm pretty sick and tired of Dell already! Used to be a fan of Dell laptops, but as time goes by they're getting worse and worse. Their support is a joke and seems like their product quality is going down the rabbit hole. I had this laptop for only 4 months! 


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Thanks it's working, but how did u uninstall it forever? It always reinstall by himself I hope they will fix it in update.


I am having the exact same issue and I am a writer (so fast typer)! So frustrating on my 6 month old Dell. How do I uninstall that driver? MyDell Support tells me I have the most updated driver but I never know when the space bar, n, b, and arrow keys will stop working! Grrrrrr


I am having the same issue with my keyboard on 'b','n','m','space bar','/', numlock pad '2' and arrow keys!! this is very frustrated on a 8 months old laptop! i have follow the solution to uninstall the keyboard driver but problem still persist!!!! what a bad laptop i having right now!!! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

@Johnnythegeek @DELL-Jesse L @dell     So many users facing same problem with same keys, this is definitely manufacturing defect in Dell Inspiron 5593. Dell should recalled all the products for replacement by themselves, not after we contact them. They themselves are ruining their goodwill. I am having the same issue with my keyboard on LETTER'S 'b','n','alt','space bar','/', numlock pad '2' and arrow (Right, Down & Left) keys!! so Total 9 Keys!!! this is very frustrating on a 6 months old laptop! I followed the solution to uninstall the keyboard driver but problem still persist!!!! It Automatically Installs HID Keyboard Device (4 times) & Standard PS/2 Keyboard. what a bad laptop i am having right now!!! Product purchased from USA, right now I'm in India. Even, i contacted customer service in India, not possible within India as they mentioned, Warranty in USA, so giving back to USA customer service, for free replacement, which is not possible right now as Covid 19 crisis. I expect a humble solution for my problem as i am working from home this is a big issue for me. Please look after my problem and solve it as soon as possible so next in future i won't switch my company when i think to buy a laptop. <Service Tag removed>,<Express service code removed>


When I uninstall HID Event Filter Driver, my (N, B, space, left, right) keys start working which means that it is a software issue for sure. @DELL-Jesse L please let me know how to fix this software issue permanently?


I believe your right, this looks to be a defect of some kind, either a bad batch of keyboards or a lousy design. I have a 5593 and have not experienced any issues as yet but have only owned the notebook a few months. I have read a couple things from users that may indicate that the bottom of notebook may be flexing enough to cause a issue. One person indicated if the notebook was on a flat hard surface everything worked. I myself with my 5593 have noticed a ghost left click registering when I pick up the notebook from the bottom left corner. In any case, there is a pattern of similar issues with the keyboard on this model. 


 @DELL-Jesse L Thank you so much for our pending query reply. As your preferences DELL system need to US back for free replacement Keyboard. I'm frequent flyer to US but in this current scenario of Covid - 19, can't travel to US and vice-versa. This is impossible to travel as Indian Government restrictions without any reason and If you are not citizen of US except Health Emergency with Doctor Certificate. You might be aware of this situation. So in this case, my brother will follow up you as he is original owner of the DELL system, where system deliver. you or authority of customer care give them Part of Inspiron 5593 Keyboard as free replacement. We will manage part to deliver in India after situation open up as system in India.

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Jay Mehta,

You would need to have the system back in the US in order for the keyboard to be replaced.  Since this is where the warranty is located.

Dell-Jesse L



I have the same issue and I tried virtually all software options I could found on the net. Drivers, registry buffer sizes, removing unnecessary windows part, upgrading/downgrading BIOS.

I thought initially that it is a software issue because keys are working well, but not all the time. I thought so until I got Ubuntu flash stick and saw n b space etc not working there. So now I think this is a hardware issue.

Maybe Dell should consider if not a recall company, but at least doing something, like accepting problem exists and issuing guidelines describing the situation and showing us the fastest way possible to fix the issue. Like saying that serial numbers from A to B had a hardware issue which causes keys not working etc and requires replacement action or smth.

Reading forums for solutions and try and fail approach is OK for no-name copycat products named DEELL. I hope we are not there yet with our brand new laptops.

It looks like this forum part is a great place for feedback from the manufacturer.


Update to my post above. I bought (for peanuts, fortunately) from China a replacement keyboard. Just to be sure that it is a hardware issue.

When you uncover your laptop, you see that keyboard inside a laptop is attached with molten plastic to the body. So you can't just unscrew and replace. You have to disassemble the whole thing, take your soldering iron, and probably your kid's toy as a source of plastic. Are screws so expensive that Dell decided to solder keyboards to the body? It's a replacement part for coffee maniacs like me.

The good news that clarifies the situation is that when I connect a new keyboard, my lovely n b space etc keys work! When I connect back they don't work again. Unfortunately, particularly this replacement keyboard had another set of keys broken. Can't blame Dell for this of course, but maybe it is because this keyboard is flexible as a sheet of paper? Cost-saving is something that must have a limit.

I'm completely disappointed with Dell quality and engineering approach for this product.


I had written before that it started working after a driver update but after a few days of that again the keyboard started giving problems on uneven surfaces 

I uninstalled drivers n all but still it doesn't work 

Plss dell fix it I'm a engineering student need my laptop every day and few keys not working is really frustrating


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