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Dell Inspiron 7539 Audio randomly stops playing but will come back, already updated drivers

Hello, I'm sorry if this has already been posted and solved!! But I'm having some trouble with my laptop. 

I did a windows update, then when I would reopen my laptop, the screen would be black and would flicker a white, glitched-looking screen when I hit the keyboard, and I would have to hard reset it to get it to work properly, then the wifi wouldn't work, another hard reset, bla bla. So I restored it, and that fixed it. Then, windows forced me to update my laptop again, so I looked here and found that someone else had that problem, so I downloaded some drivers to fix it, and it worked, but now the audio is being weird. It'll randomly stop playing any audio, Chrome and Spotify act like they're playing (like videos/songs will load) but there's no audio through the speakers or the headphones. I still get the notification about headphones being plugged in/unplugged, but not the notification sound. I deleted/reinstalled the audio drivers (its Conexant SmartAudio HD idk if thts relevant), and then downloaded the most recent BIOS audio package thing, and nothing worked, so I gave up, and a few hours later it was back! It was good for a few days, but now it's not working again. 

Is this a windows problem? I'm not sure how to tell. Someone posted something similar to this and said it works when it's plugged in, but I haven't noticed anything that makes mine work. 


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Re: Dell Inspiron 7539 Audio randomly stops playing but will come back, already updated drivers


Hello. I haven't heard of it being a Windows thing.

You have mentioned that it happens with online audio. the next time it happens, play some audio that is stored locally on your hard drive and see if the audio works with that content or not.

Jim Coates -- 15 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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