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Dell Inspiron 7557 adding hdd



I have a problem. I bought Dell Inspiron 7557 with SSD. Because it's only 256 GB, I bought 1TB HDD  Seagate st1000lm048. I installed it on laptop. Both BIOS and Windows Disc Management see the HDD and it's online but the problem is when I want to intiate it. It's shwoing me error that file could not be detected. Then the HDD disappears from Window Disc Management and I have to turn off and then turn on laptop to see it again. I try to do it by Partation Wizard but the effect is the same, after each action I make it inform me that it was sucesfull and then the disc disappears. I would only add that when I first both the HDD I run some Seagate tests and it showed that something is wrong with HDD. I send it back to Seagate and they send me the new one, but I still see the error.  I really don't know how to solve and I I appreciate help from you. Maybe I need to change something in BIOS settings?



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Re: Dell Inspiron 7557 adding hdd

In the BIOS is your setting RAID or AHCI? It has to be AHCI for the 2nd drive to properly work but don't change the setting in the BIOS or you will be unable to boot Windows. The following pages will help.

How to change to AHCI in Windows.

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