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Dell Inspiron 7558 p55F001 power issues, not turning on or shutting off after 2 seconds

I have a laptop which I opened up to take the hard drive out of to do a data transfer on.  After putting the drive back in the laptop would turn on for a couple seconds (didn't get through the POST screen), and would shut off.

- When it did shut off, the charging light would also turn off for a few seconds afterwords, which didn't happen if I would immediately turn it off on my own.

- I tried taking the hard drive out, and it would still shut down sitting on the POST or BIOS screens

- I took the battery out as a reset with no change (it wouldn't turn on without the battery in, but that might be intentional on this model)

Now it's just not turning on at all, and the charging light doesn't light up anymore.  I noticed that there's a metal bar being held down by a screw close to the charge port which is coming up (screw doesn't stay in its hole anymore).  This might be causing a grounding issue?  I tried putting a bit of rubber on top of it to push it back down in from the force of the bottom cover after it's **bleep** on and that didn't seem to help.  Any guesses on what might be wrong?  The laptop's less than two years old, so I assume the battery and charger still work

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