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Dell Inspiron 7559 - BIOS Issue - Windows 10 (Home)

I have Dell Inspiron 7559, which I am planning to upgrade by adding Samsung 860 SSD M.2 of 500GB. The SSD is successfully installed and activated. I am looking to install OS on the SSD drive using the USB drive created using the Media creation tool. However, the boot option priority shows only 3 options:

1. Windows Bootable Manager

2. ...(ipv4)

3. ...(ipv6)

the laptop doesn't have the CD Rom drive..hence the USB is the only option for installing win10. Also, instead of cloning the OS installation using the Samsung Data Migration tool...would prefer fresh installation on new SSD and make it bootable.

Kindly request help here as to how to go about this.


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Re: Dell Inspiron 7559 - BIOS Issue - Windows 10 (Home)

Welcome to the Dell Community  @Vbar 

Try going into the BIOS and setting Hard Drive control to AHCI.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 7559 - BIOS Issue - Windows 10 (Home)

Thank you for your response...but I would request more guidance on this. Here is some BIOS configuration


First HDD - Samsung SSD 860 - 500GB (newly installed and need to load win 10 OS & make it bootable)

Second HDD - ST-1tb Hard disk (where the win 10 OS is currently installed)

Advance (Tab) - 

SATA Operation - AHCI

Secure (Tab) -

Secure Boot - Enabled 

Boot (Tab)

  Boot List Option - UEFI (however, I am not able to modify this)

  File Browser Add Boot Option - (Hitting Enter key shows the HDD in selection)

  File Browser Del Boot Option  - (Hitting Enter key shows the HDD in selection)

  Secure Boot - Enabled

  Load Legacy ROM - Disabled (not modifiable)

Boot Option Priorities:

  Option#1 - Windows Boot Manager

  Option#2 - (Onboard NIC IPV4)

  Option#3 - (Onboard NIC IPV6)

I have uploaded the BIOS configuration images below for more details: