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Dell Inspiron 7559 - Crucial SSD (as boot) makes laptop unable to turn on

Hi all, Issue: Power button doesn’t light and is like have no action; power cable makes charging light to turn on but after 1 or 2s it turns off. I had been using an SSD Crucial MX500 of 1TB for a couple of months and all good, one day it suddenly turned off and couldn’t be able to turn on. I discarded AC power and with technicians DC issues on main board, after connecting all it still doens’t power on. I dismount the SSD from laptop and start working normally, I have no OS in the HDD so just the BIOS loads. My only idea is my SSD can have something wrong, but at least BIOS should run normally, I don’t understand how it can ‘block’ my computer to even turn on or create a power conflict, any idea?
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