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Dell Inspiron 7559 charger - horrible design


I've had this charger for about a year and after a months it started to pull at the edge between the light and the pin. I thought it was weak but didn't realise after a year it would completely seperate and fray the wires in between rendering the charger unusable. Furthermore the charger is 130 Watts unlike common laptops which are under 90 watts making replacing this charger a complete chore and very expensive. For such an expensive laptop it's very upsetting that the charger seems to have been designed by a 2 year old who liked a cool looking light as the laptop charging indicator - maybe next time design something more robust like a simple LED on the battery pack instead of designing around an area which will have much rough and tumble as it is instead of making it weaker by having a bunch of things attached together which something barely resembling super glue.


After only a year it's a shame it's clearly designed to break and getting a refund and replacement from Dell I imagine would be nigh-impossible seeing as when my laptop packed up after only 4-5 months and I had to send it in for repairs I'm pretty sure they weren't willing to replace the laptop entirely which is a bit absurd if you ask me.

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Re: Dell Inspiron 7559 charger - horrible design

Hi Leno94,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.  

AC adapters are covered under the system warranty.  Therefore if your system still has warranty, the adapter will be covered.  After that, adapters are considered normal wear and tear parts much like windshield wipers on a car.

According to the policy, system replacements or returns can be done within the first 30 days from date of invoice, after that you will have to rely on the warranty you paid for when you purchased.

If service requests for the adapter were created prior to the warranty expiration showing an ongoing problem you may be able to escalate your issue by filling out an Unresolved Issues Form.  You will need your SR number.  

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