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Dell Inspiron Battery Critical, Then 50% When Plugged In

I have a Dell Inspiron 7386 2-in-1 I7386-7007BLK-PUS. Ever since purchase, if the battery falls below 50-60% and I close the lid, I reopen to a battery critical warning and it self-shuts down after a little bit. If I plug in during that message, the percentage goes from 1% to 50-60%. I've ran Dell's and other third party diagnostics and no issues have been found. I have the current firmware. I know there are other threads about this but now cannot find them so apologize in advance for a duplicate. Any ideas?

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I had the same problem.

Bios 1.7.1 was released today and am currently testing it. So far,  it seems that it is fixed.

Would you mind checking this and report?


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Update on this issue: The issue still persists 1.5 yrs later. Was up to BIOS 1.9.0 with the issue still present. Updating to 1.11.0 to see if it happens to resolve in this update.

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