Dell Inspiron - Blank Screen on Startup and Keyboard lights going On and Off


I have dell inspiron 13 (7000 series) that I bought in Dec 2015. On pushing the power button on the side the keyboard lights up but nothing comes up on screen (no Dell logo. nothing). The Keyboard lights also go on and off with an interval of about 5 seconds or so. at the same time even the screen switches from pitch dark to little less dark (may be just 2% better contrast) and then back to pitch dark. this continues for ever till I shut it down.

I tried removing the battery and draining it by keep holding power button and then putting the battery back on. same thing happens. I have even tried running it with power only (no battery) but same behavior. I also plugged in an external monitor but still the sme thing happens (on laptop monitor); no signal gets passed to external monitor that is connected throgh HDMI.

I am wanting to run diagnostics by pressing F12 and getting to Dell ePSA but that does not work either. pretty bummed about it. any help will be appreciated. 

Dell Inspiron 13 - 7000 Series (2 in 1 laptop). I cannot seem to find the Serial # on the back. but will dig in my mails to see if I can find it.

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Re: Dell Inspiron - Blank Screen on Startup and Keyboard lights going On and Off

Try a CMOS memory reset, by removing the CR2032 coin cell battery for 10 minutes.  Disconnect the battery before doing this so there is no power to the motherboard.

There are 3 different Inspiron 13 models listed.  Here is the Dell manual for the 7368.

Page 33 is the coin cell.


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