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Dell Inspiron G5 - No Audio Output Device is installed


I have got Dell Inspiron G5 i7-8750H/32G/512+1000/Win10 UHD last year. Since than I have run at least two BIOS updates (triggered by updates automatically, not manual ones) and all was fine. However since beginning of February I have issues with volumes after BIOS update. There was also new software installed by update Maxx AudioPro which I was suprised to find because I was not asked if I want to install it.

Years ago when I updated BIOS manually I remember that it was advised not to have for example headphones connected to the computer. This time I forgot that and headphones were on when BIOS was updated. Now I can listen audio only via headphoes but not volumes. Troubleshoot sound problems is not able to fix the issue.

Keeping the story short:

1. Headphones set works but "No Audio Output Device is installed" if heapdhones are not connected with laptop.

2. The reason of the issue may be:

2a) New software Maxx AudioPro

2b) Headphones plugged in while BIOS updated

2c) BIOS update itself.


Please let me know if someone had similar issue this month and has fixed it.

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Re: Dell Inspiron G5 - No Audio Output Device is installed

o audio device found? A lot of people get this error when they double click an audio or video file. And there is no sound on computer at all. How can we resolve the problem and restore sound on computer? To fix the problem, you must do a thorough examination of your computer. Because there are several issues that can cause the “No audio device found” problem.

You can follow the steps below to fix the problem.

1. Check The BIOS Setting

2. Examine Device Manager

3) Reinstall/Update Your Audio Card Driver

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Re: Dell Inspiron G5 - No Audio Output Device is installed

@gammari143 thank you for the answer. Problem is that hardware is not detected so Device Manager shows nothing and no driver can be installed. If that was so simple I would not ask. I tried to check the BIOS Setting but I could not find the problem there. The problem is that when I Google this issue I am finding solutions from different years and I am lost on what is correct today or not so if you advice something please provide the links to the steps as I can confirm if I have done it that way or not. I just hoped that someone had exactly same problem this month after BIOS update and can clearly point out the solution.
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Re: Dell Inspiron G5 - No Audio Output Device is installed

Folks may not have had your exact situation, but the fix is usually the same.  If Waves is installed, open the User Interface and use the Advanced menu to turn on the popup for the whatever.

If you are showing no onboard sound device, first look for an unknown device in Device Manager.  Maybe even a different device listed under another heading.

Boot into the Bios and see if there is an option to turn off the Audio device.  If there is and it says "enabled", then disable it and reboot a few times then re-enable it.  But either way, change the setting and reboot back into the Bios to change it back.

If it doesn't unlock and show again, you may want to reset the Bios defaults or even reinstall the current Bios update manually.


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