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Dell Inspiron won't recognize external monitors.

I have 2 Acer Monitors I would like to use as external to a
Dell Inspiron 15 5558 laptop running Windows 10.
I  The monitors are old (one has a VGA port, the other has a VGA and DVI port. All my ducks are in a row with regards to cable and port types. After everything is hooked up I turn on my Inspiron and it will not detect the monitors. I have an HP laptop running  windows 10 and it recognizes the external monitors no problem.  I have tried updating dell drivers,, i have tried deleting drivers, display adapters etc and rebooting,  nothing works. Can you help me?

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The driver for the adapter!

More than a few reviews mentioning this on Amazon. Did you not read the reviews????

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Since the 5558 does not have VGA ports, how exactly are your "ducks in order" ?

Thanks for asking.. I bought a VGA to USB adapter. It works fine on the hp laptops 

Without knowing which one you have, we'd all be guessing.



I assume you mean the monitors. Below is  monitor model information and more info from my Inspiron 


Model No:  AL 1716B
Version:  AL 1716Bs

 S201 HL bd
this is the one I am trying to connect to.

System Model Inspiron
Dell Inc. Inspiron 5558 01
Display adapters listed in devices
• Intel(R) HD Graphics  5550
• NVIDA GeForce 920M

Monitors listed in devices
• Generic PnP Moniter

Thank you again for your help.


No, I meant the adapters.


Here is the info on the adapter

USB to VGA Adapter,ABLEWE USB 3.0/2.0 to VGA Multi-Display Converter Support Resolution 1080p for Win . Thanks for taking the time to try to help me. It is much appreciated. 

The 3.7 stars out of 5 would indicate this product can be problematic.

The reviews on Amazon indicate that a driver is needed.



Nyc are you talking about the laptop the monitors or the adapter. The adapter works fine on the hp and it works like a charm adding the display so I know it is functional. I tried updating the driver for my dell. I even downloaded another legacy driver from Acer  but it doesn't give instructions on how to install it. Any more suggestions? Again thanks. 

The driver for the adapter!

More than a few reviews mentioning this on Amazon. Did you not read the reviews????

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