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Dell Insprion 15 7577 Serious Frame rate lag spike in gaming

Things I've done -
Completely Factory resetting my computer multiple times
Running Support Assist 
running system diagnostics 
Countless of other things

Hey, basically I got this computer about 3-4 months ago and it's only been a constant path of headaches, My problem is when I'm playing games like fortnite I'll be good for a little bit but after some time of playing, my cpu sometimes its my gpu will sometimes spike up to 100% causing it to freeze/stutter for a little bit then goes on to get 20-33 fps for a minute. sometimes the lag will last for little to 15 seconds or last for 2 minutes. The temperature will also always rise up to 85 90 94 c degrees, I had bought a cooling pad to fix this which actually worked for some days fixing the FPS and the temp, then of course it's now back to same problems as before.  

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Re: Dell Insprion 15 7577 Serious Frame rate lag spike in ga

If anyone else is experiencing performance drops due to GPU spikes, just try to adjust "maximum processor state" until your GPU usage during gameplay only comes close to 100% or reaches 100% but does not drop your fps. You can find this option by typing "Edit power plan" in the search bar, from there you should click on "Change advanced power settings" and then find "Processor power management". Just try to find what works best for you (like I said, mine was 87%). It may be not the best solution and it is possible that you will drop a few frames, but it is still better than nothing Smiley Happy. I also undervolted my CPU (i5 7300HQ) to -130mV, but this may not be necessary. Well, good luck, hope it fixes your problem, any feedback would be awesome! Smiley Happy P.S. I use MSI Afterburner to track my GPU usage and Intel XTU to undervolt the CPU

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