Dell Support Service - No action after more than a week.

I'm turning to this platform in the hopes that I get some kind of feedback or help in resolving my matter.

As the IT Manager of our company, I was in need of a high end laptop and decided to invest in a Dell G5 15 5590 Laptop. A week after receiving this laptop one of the key came off the laptop. I got to the office and when I opened the laptop one of the keys was skew and when I pressed it, it came off.

Since Dell offers an on-site support service, I made use of this and logged a call for the replacement of the laptop keyboard. This service stipulates that for business use, the guarantee that an engineer will be on site in 1-2 business days.

The original support ticket was submitted on the Monday 17th of February 2020 <Non-public info removed>. I was contacted and notified that the engineer will be on site on Tuesday 18 February 2020. This never happened. On Wednesday I inquired and was told they made a mistake by thinking my office is in a different part of Guateng (South Africa) even though I submitted our address, Google Co-ordinates as well as 'n Google Maps pin drop in the email. Thursday and Friday passed and although we had calls from the Dell ensuring the engineer will be on site, he never arrived. Monday came and went by and still no engineer was on site.

Today is Tuesday the 25th February 2020. Again we had a call stating the engineer is on his way, 5 hours later and yet no engineer is on site. After escalating the matter several times, the only feedback I get from Dell is that the engineer is assigned and will be attending to the support request. Apparently the telephone support agents has no visibility on the agents they use for on site support, all they can see is that an engineer is assigned. 

My question is, what can I do to escalate this matter further and to actually get a support engineer on site, since telephone support cannot help me. The support service states that after the support request is submitted, the issue will be resolved in 1-2 business days. Today we are on business day 7 since the request has been submitted. 

I cannot work productively with a very expensive machine and Dell does not seem to care about their bad service. 


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Re: Dell Support Service - No action after more than a week.

You might want to post this to the customer care forum they have Dell Employees there. https://www.dell.com/community/Customer-Care/bd-p/Customer-Care?ref=lithium_menu

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