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Dell SupportAssist Battery Warning - What??

Silly me, I assumed when I ran SupportAssist that something would pop up if there was an issue. Nope, on the home screen the software only indicates the scans were run. I found that if I click on "history," only then would I see an error message under the Hardware scan bullet. Problem is, it just says "Battery - Warning." Nothing to tell me what the warning is about. Bad battery? Battery not charging? Battery about to explode? What gives??

I keep my laptop plugged in to the wall most of the time. Laptop batteries have never held a charge for more than a couple of hours for me when I'm moving around the house or on the road, and I know it's because of certain settings that I prefer. Right now, it's plugged in, and my task bar indicator says Fully Charged - 100%. 

How do I go about finding out what the issue really is? 

My laptop is an Inspiron 5759, running Windows 10. All updates are, well, up-to-date as of yesterday. 


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Where do I find the battery utility?

Note, I am not a Dell employee.

It does help. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your response. 
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I've encountered the same problem. 

The scan gives you the warning because you have probably changed the power/battery settings from the default settings on your computer. I fixed the issue by going in the "Windows settings", typed in the open field "battery", clicked to "Show all results", selected the option in the bottom named "Find and fix problems with your computer's power settings, and followed through. 

Now I regreted "fixing" those settings back to default because I sometimes need to leave my computer on overnight to sync backup or run antivirus overninght, and I had changed those power settings initially to avoid my computer from turning off automatically anyway. 

Hope that answers your question. 

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"Run the battery utility..."

I'll be glad to. Is that something that came with my laptop, something I need to download from Dell, or elsewhere? 


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You would have gotten a warning if there was a problem. Support Assist is not always correct. Run the battery utility to check battery.

Good battery care says you should use the battery and recharge regularly. It does not save the battery having it always plugged in. The battery will wear down anyway.

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