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Dell battery needs to be replaced, but laptop still works

I have a dell inspiron 15-7579, and as of today, my computer showed a popup saying the computer experienced permanent damage and the battery needs to be replaced. However, if I unplug the charger, the computer still works? Can someone please explain to me what the problem is?

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Are you sure it said the Computer is damaged and not the battery?  I'm assuming it says the battery has permanent damage.  Dell does not seem to have any replacement batteries for your model and you do need genuine Dell batteries from Dell or Dell Parts. Don't buy batteries on the online marketplace--lots of scams with batteries. If you unplug the adapter the laptop will shut down. Leave it in and use the laptop as a desktop replacement and shut the computer down completely before removing the adapter or moving the laptop.

See this--

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If you need a replacement battery. check out  I don’t have any affiliation, but they are in Austin, TX and have been in business 18 years.  Check out their site - click the ‘About Our Company’ button.


That's what the warning says, but when I unplug the AC power, the computer does not shut down.

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