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Dell inspirion 13 Laptop

Hi there

I have a Dell inspirion 13 Laptop which is pretty new.  The laptop was working fine except lately when it started to have certain keys on the keyboard not responding/working.  That didn't bother me much because those were the numbers keys until recently when certain letter keys started malfunctioning (i.e. letter t, s etc).  To attempt to solve the problem, I have tried to install new bios and to delete and re-install keyboard drivers, all of which became fruitless.  Please help me troubleshoot this problem further.




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Re: Dell inspirion 13 Laptop

Attach an external keyboard -- if it works, the internal keyboard needs to be replaced.

If the system is under warranty, call Dell for repair.

if not, and you need a part reference, post the full model number (i.e., Inspiron 7373, etc.).


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